How do I install programs or run programs without Admin rights? The executable requires Admin privileges for the install. Hi everyone,My friend was asking me if there was a way to prompt for a password when installing software. How to make windows require a password when installing new program? So, even if you are not having admin access, you can install programs on Windows. With UAC disabled, standard users cannot install programs. My problem is I can't get this setup to work properly. The executable requires Admin privileges for the install. ... Windows 7 password unlockers that do not require admin password to install? The program will not correctly run without the elevated access. Click on "User Accounts". require password for downloads ... or a way to program the unit? I managed to disable software installs on non-Admin users but now all it does is say "This program is blocked by group policy. However, as a work around you can right click on the setup files of the program and select Run as Administrator. And while doing so, it would not prompt you to Hide Windows 7 Updates that you do not Ever Want to Install. No, if a program requires UAC then it is trying to access something outside of its sandbox. Centrally via software deployment server - we have a product that can run any executable with admin privileges; Shortcuts on people's desktops for self-service installs/updates; For #2 above I found a .vbs script from Jeffery Hicks that let's us call any executable using the RunAs command and the .vbs script passes in the password. How To Install Apps On Computer Without Administrator Password Or ... On A Computer Without Admin Password. If you just want to get rid of the notification, you can disable UAC. For more information, contact your system Administrator" when you try to install a program, when I need it to always prompt for Admin password. By. Let me know if I can assist you with this issue or any issues related to Windows. SuRun is a free tool which actually lets you run any program on Windows as Admin. However, this .vbs script Disable UAC on Windows Vista: Start, type "user". Allow Standard User to Run Program as Local Admin Without Elevation Prompt. Allow Standard User to Run Program as Local Admin Without Elevation Prompt. If a program was not per-se following the Microsoft certification process to be a Windows application, you'll usually get that prompt cause it requires admin ... Windows 7 8,164 discussions. ... Admin Password on Windows 7/10. To make changes to how Admin Approval Mode works on a Windows 7/8/10 PC, begin by logging into the operating system using an account that has administrative privileges. Here are the easy ways to install software on Windows without Admin access. This will tell you how to use UniExtractor to install programs that would otherwise require admin privileges. Discussion is locked. Check if that helps. With User Account Control (UAC) enabled, standard users need to provide the administrator account password to install programs. Now login to any account and create a new account for yourself with Admin Access to it; Now try installing the software using the new account with Admin Access; Method 2 To Install Software Without Admin Access.